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Written translations

Written translations from Metafrasi


The most frequent service is the written translation. But when it comes to translating documents, it is necessary to know the specifics for each country. Moreover, many countries have many special features in the way of drawing up each document, its type and the information it contains. We know this and we adapt the translation according to the requirement rather than just translation and legalization of a diploma, or written translation and legalization of documents.


  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificates of Christening;
  • Civil Marriage Certificate;
  • Death Certificate;
  • Conviction Status Certificates;;
  • Diplomas for Secondary and Higher Education
  • Address Registration, etc.


  • Personal and business correspondence;
  • Belles letters and fictional texts;
  • Articles and news;
  • Applications;
  • Offers and advertising materials;
  • Curricula vitae;
  • Internet sites, etc.



  • Legal topics: commercial contracts, agreements, annexes, memorandums of association and statutes, court documents, laws, regulations, notary deeds, powers of attorney, declarations, etc.
  • Economic and financial topics: bank references, tax certificates, bank statements, accounting documents, bank contracts, etc.
  • Medical topics: epicrises, medical certificates, prescriptions, immunization records, leaflets of drug preparations, etc.
  • Technical topics: texts from the fields of electronics, mechanical engineering, user manuals, agricultural machinery, motor vehicles, automation, etc.

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